New leaflet developed to raise awareness of the harms associated with SPICE.

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The leaflet has been co-produced by Service Users and Service Providers in Cardiff and Vale to educate and inform our local population of the dangers of misusing SPICE; a synthetic cannabinoid (otherwise referred to as ‘Black Mamba’ or ‘Spizzy’ among other ‘street names’).

Despite well publicised adverse effects including excessive vomiting, hyperventilating and fits and seizures, the substance has gained UK wide popularity over recent years due to its cheaper street value compared to other opiates. Cardiff and Vale Area Planning Board (APB) first reported on the substance back in 2014 and has actively promoted the services of the WEDINOs programme; an innovative project which will test anonymised samples sent by agencies and the public to analyse contents and compounds to decipher potency and active ingredients.

The leaflet and accompanying poster has been developed to further reinforce key messages and pragmatic advice to minimise risk and reduce harm.

While the intention is to distribute hard copies to substance misuse agencies and universal health and community based services soon, if you would like to download a copy to print or circulate electronically, please click here for the poster, and here for the leaflet.

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