APB Performance 2018 – 19

Cardiff and Vale APB Performance 2018-19

National Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
The national performance indicators apply to treatment services (delivered in Wales) for individuals who misuse alcohol, drugs and other substances. (This includes clients’ resident in England but in receipt of Welsh treatment services).

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KPI 1: Did Not Attend (DNA) Rates Post Assessment

This KPI captures the number of clients that DNA or do not respond to follow up contact post the assessment stage. This assumes the treatment provider has lost contact with the client without a planned discharge and all attempts to re-engage the client have been exhausted.

Any Figure below 20% is considered to be a positive achievement.

KPI 2: Referral to Treatment times

Wait times to access services are an important and relevant measure of performance. Delays are of concern to service users and are known to compromise treatment. This KPI considers the length of time in days between referral and earliest/first modality (treatment) start date.

The current target for wait times is 80% or more clients referred to treatment within 20 working days.

Any Figure higher than 80% is considered to be a positive achievement.

KPI 3: Substance Misuse Reduced, Maintained or Abstinent TOP (Treatment Outcome Profile measurement)

The outcome for clients when in receipt of substance misuse services is crucial to ascertain the effectiveness of treatment programmes and is crucial to the evaluation of the impact of the Welsh Government’s strategy to tackle substance misuse.

The Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse will provide the data using the following data items:
TOP Interview Date (The date at which the treatment outcome profile is undertaken),
Treatment Stage (The point of treatment at which the treatment outcome profile is undertaken) and
The relevant types of problematic substances for an individual client to be recorded as appropriate.

Any Figure higher than 86% is considered to be a positive achievement.

KPI 4: Quality of Life Improved TOP (Treatment Outcome Profile)

This KPI considers whether quality of life is improved or unchanged between start and most recent review / exit Treatment Outcomes Profile (TOP).

Any Figure higher than 82% is considered to be a positive achievement.

KPI 5: Planned treatment closures

Treatment completed will be deemed as either problematic substance free or by client reaching treatment goal(s) as agreed at the commencement of treatment.

Any Figure higher than 76% is considered to be a positive achievement.

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