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Over the last two weeks seven individuals from the Cardiff area have been hospitalised following consumption of the ‘herbal incense blends’ “Black Mamba” and “Pandora’s Box”.

The symptoms in relation to “Pandora’s Box” were vomiting and seizures.

In relation to “Black Mamba” symptoms experienced were visual hallucinations, psychosis, lack of co-ordination, swollen tongue, choking, seizures and aggression

As far as we are aware no other substances were used.

Previous laboratory investigations’ have found many of these herbal incense blends to contain synthetic cannabinoids.

It is very important from a Public Health perspective that any individuals using or considering use are aware of the dangers with synthetic cannabinoids. Anyone experiencing problems both physical and psychological are encouraged to cease use and seek help from health professional as soon as possible.

Plese see link to Wedi Nos for further information.

Black Mamba

Pandora’s Box

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