Alcohol as You Age: Do you know your Limits?

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How much is too much…? 

Public Health Wales
in conjunction with Cardiff & Vale APB and Welsh Government has released an informative leaflet to dispel some of the myths around recommended alcohol units for men and women and the harmful effects of increased alcohol intake on the body as we get older.

The advice comes following national changes to guidelines which stipulate both men and women should consume no more than 14 units of alcohol per week and this should be spread over at least 3 days.

So what does this look like…?

The informative leaflet also contains useful tips and advice on how to cut down the amount you’re drinking such as engaging in local recreational and social activities which offer a healthy distraction in addition to useful information regarding local substance misuse services which are available for general advice and/or support.

With ‘Dry January’ a distant memory and alcohol awareness week around the corner (13th – 19th November)now is a good time as ever to know your limits and take responsibility over your drinking habits.

To access the leaflet, please click here.

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